A sportsman shooting over dogs

A sportsman shooting over dogs


English School
op. 1815-1853

Oil on panel

17 x 23 cms

65/8 x 9 ins

Overall framed size 25.5 x 31.5 cms

                                10 x 123/8 ins

A painter of sporting subjects, horse and military equestrian portraits, dead game still-life, rural and agricultural life and landscapes, A S Boult's work in watercolour and oils was described as being "…of considerable accomplishment" (Grant).

Little is known of the life of this London-based artist who sent his exhibits to the annual venues in that city from an address first at Stag Brewhouse in Westminster in 1815 and 1816 and then from 13 Bedford Street in the Strand from 1844 to 1853. The Stag Brewhouse, which had been founded in 1649 with William Greene as the first brewer - although there had been a brewery associated with Westminster Abbey since 1420 when Thomas Greene was Master of the Brewers' Company - had continued to brew ale following the suppression of the monasteries under the Greene family. Whether Boult was an employee there or his family lived there is not known but that was his given address in the initial stages of his career as an artist.

He exhibited ten paintings at the Royal Academy, four at the British Institution and three at the Royal Society of British Artists between 1815 and 1853 but probably garnered plenty of commission work from country landowners who wanted to portray sporting pursuits on their estates. Some examples of exhibited works include: Pheasant Shooting, Partridge Shooting, Sportsmen reloading, The First of September, The Sportsman's Companion, Dead Game, Guinea Pigs and Hayfield. Sounding the Rally is in the collection at Anglesey Abbey which is maintained by the National Trust.

Sally Mitchell thinks it likely that he was the father of the sporting painter Francis Cecil Boult.

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Height 17 cm / 6 34"
Width 23 cm / 9 "
Framed height 25.5 cm / 10 "
Framed width 31.5 cm / 12 12"