Montmartre, Paris

Montmartre, Paris





French School

Montmartre, Paris         

Oil on canvas, signed

46.5 x 56.2 cms

185/8 x 221/8 ins           

Overall framed size 66 x 74.5 cms

                                26 x 293/8 ins

Charles Joseph Beauverie started his artistic instruction at L'École des Beaux-Arts in Lyon in 1855, the city where he had been born on 17th September 1839. His initial course had been in engraving but he terminated this training in 1859 to enrol at L'École des Beaux-Arts in Paris to study painting and from 1863-4, he worked in the studio of the history and genre painter Marc Gabriel Charles Gleyre.

His principal subject matter was landscape - although he did paint some portraits - and in 1888, having become enamoured by the lovely landscape of Lignon, he moved to Poncins in the Loire. Here he refined his technique and established his own individual style, evolving into one of the masters of French landscape painting at that time. The works were tightly drawn and brightly coloured; the composition was always harmonious and imbued with a poetic sensibility.

His first exhibited work, "Étude a Optevoz", was at Le Salon de Lyon and this was followed by other landscapes and some portraits at the same venue between 1863 and 1868. He showed "Le Moulin de Cernay" and "Temps gris" at the Paris Salon in 1864 and in 1874/5 he exhibited there again a series of landscapes depicting the landscape around the River Oise. From 1888 onwards he showed far more regularly at both Lyon and Paris based on the theme of La Plaine du Forez. Titles included: "L'Arrivée à la Foire de Poncins", "Le Semeur de pommes de Terre","Le Lac d'Aydat" and "Porte d'Église de Poncins pendat la Messe".

Beauverie continued to utilise his training in print making during his painting career and produced a series of a dozen engravings based on his own oil paintings depicting L'Oise à Anvers. These were made at the Paris studio of Cadart. He also made engravings of works by Millet, Corot, Japy and Chintreuil. He also was involved in book illustration and some ink drawings by him were included in "Le Forez pittoresque et monumental" published in 1888 by Felix Thiollier.

In 1881, he had been awarded a First Class Medal at the Paris Salon and he was later made a Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur.

Works by Charles Joseph Beauverie can be seen in museums in Lyon, Avignon, Brest and Amiens.


Height 46.5 cm / 18 12"
Width 56.2 cm / 22 14"
Framed height 66 cm / 26 "
Framed width 74.5 cm / 29 12"

1839 - 1924


Oil on canvas