Away to Sea

Away to Sea





Belgian School

Away to Sea     

Oil on canvas, laid on board, signed and dated 1901

23 x 30.8 cms

9 x 121/8 inches

Overall framed size 40 x 47.5 cms

                                15¾ 18¾  ins

Charles (also known as Karel) Boom was a Belgian painter of portraits, genre scenes - particularly on a historical or religious theme - still life and murals. His historical paintings display an interest by the artist in the 17th century and all his work was in the romantic realist tradition, somewhat redolent of the renowned Belgian genre painter Jean Auguste Henri Leys.

He was born in Hoostraten on 3rd April 1858 and undertook his artistic training at the Antwerp Academy under the instruction of Edward Dujardin, Lucas Victor Schaefels and Charles Michel Maria Verlat. In 1899, he received a commission from the administration in Antwerp to paint five murals to adorn the stair-well in the newly-built Town Hall. He was equally adept at working in the large format of murals as he was on canvas at an easel and many of his portrait and genre scenes, whether indoors or plein-air, depict elegant women or pretty girls. Some examples include: "À la Couture, près de la Fenêtre", "Fille au Bonnet", "La Peintre et son Modèle dans l'Atelier" and "Deux jeunes Élégantes a l'Ombrelle". Other examples of portraits and genre include: "Le Jeu des Cartes", "Dimanche après-midi en Été", "Cortège historique" and "Portrait d'un Homme à la Cigare".

In 1910 he was a participant in the Brussels Fair, exhibiting a work titled "Dans la Collégiale de Sainte Catherine". He was later appointed as a teacher at his former Academy in Antwerp and was also accorded the honour of a Knight in the Order of Leopold. The Museum in Antwerp has examples of his work in its collection.


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1858 - 1939


Oil on canvas, laid on board




Signed and dated 1901