Jean Laudy was a painter of interiors, portraits, nudes, flowers and still-life as well as being an engraver and designer. He was born in Venlo in the Low Country but moved to Belgium in 1895 and later took Belgian citizenship in 1921.

His paintings fall into the category of realist painting but with a readily identifiable style of his own whereby he utilised strong and vibrant colours with the paint applied quite thickly and with deliberately indistinct definition. He was keen on portraying the female form and was most adept at doing so and he had a predilection for painting roses for his floral still-lifes.

He undertook his artistic training at L'Académie d'Anvers and L'Académie de Bruxelles in the studio of the portrait and figure painter, Isidore Verheyden between 1894 and 1895, forming a close friendship with his teacher and also with the artist Alfred Bastien

Laudy worked in the free studios "La Patte de Dindon" and "L'Effort" producing such works as: "Jeune Femme en Kimono", "Nu assis", "La dernière retouche", "Philémon et Boucis", "Jeune Femme en Robe rouge", "Le Bouquet de Roses" and " Nature morte de Fleurs, Fruits, et poteries sur une Table".

His nephew, Jacques, was also an artist and lived in the same town, Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, as his uncle when the latter died in 1956.

Museums that hold examples of his works include: Koninklijk Musée, Brussels (Self portrait), St Nicolas-Waes, Musée Charlier in Saint Josse, Musée d'Ixelles and Musée de Mons.

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Height 75 cm / 29 "
Width 65 cm / 25 34"
Framed height 85.5 cm / 33 34"
Framed width 75.5 cm / 29 "

1877 - 1956


Oil on canvas