The Tichlen Hounds 1845

The Tichlen Hounds 1845



An Equestrian Group Portrait of J Morgan, W Dunne, G M Morgan, Mr Abbott,

B E Duppa, H C Duppa, Mr Hill, The Master of Hounds andC Duppa

B E Duppa was a London based portrait and figure painter who was possibly the son of

Richard B Duppa, described by M H Grant in his Dictionary of British Landscape Painters as "a noted figure in literature and archaeology and a draughtsman of skill" who had a study of a horse engraved. He also published in 1806 "Life and Works of Michel Angelo Buonarroti" the first illustrated monograph on this great Renaissance painter.

B E Duppa exhibited 14 times at the major London exhibitions with 7 at the Royal Academy, 6 at the Royal Society of British Artists and one at the British Institute. Titles of these included: "Nanine", "The Monk", "John Landseer Esq ARA" and "Study of a Dog".

The National Portrait Gallery has six works by, and engraved after him, in its collection including portraits of Sir John Bowring, the writer, linguist and traveller, a work that was subsequently engraved by W Holl; Edward John Trelawny the writer and adventurer and the eminent animal painter Sir Edwin Landseer, a painting that was engraved by and formerly in the collection of T Landseer.


Height 180.34 cm / 71 "
Width 232.41 cm / 91 "

1800 - 1899


Oil on canvas