A set of five prizewinning English short horn bulls and cows

A set of five prizewinning English short horn bulls and cows



"Brutus at 2 yrs old - Winner of the 1 and 2 yrs old Premiums at Manchester in1830. The Property of Mr. R. Almond, Standish"
"Memnon at 3 yrs old - Winner of the Premium at Manchester 1830.
The Property of Mr. Almond"
"Rockingham 6 yrs old - Winner of the Liverpool Premium for the Best Bull 1830"
"Isabelle at 5 yrs old. The Property of Mr. R. Almond, Standish"
An English Short Horn Cow standing in a Landscape

English School 19th Century
Oil on Canvas, a set of five
Each signed four signed and inscribed on reverse
25.5 x 45.8 cms
12 x 18 inches

Henry Strafford was an artist who specialised in painting prize livestock portraits. Like contemporaries of his such as G B Neumarch and John Vine of Colchester, little is known of his life and artistic training and the legacy of his paintings is how he is remembered.

He did not exhibit at the formal venues, having no need to do so because he had sufficient employment as a portraitist probably obtained by word of mouth and reputation. In the nineteenth century, as today, there was considerable competition amongst livestock breeders to produce superb breeding specimens. The rural aristocracy and landed gentry also took part in livestock competitions partly for sport and and also for the kudos amongst their peers. For the winners who could afford it, the obvious step was to immortalise their beasts in portraits and some of Strafford`s works were engraved by Thomas Fairland to be made available to a wider public.

Some examples of Strafford`s work include: "The Oakley Ox, Winner of the First Class Premium at Smithfield 1836, the property of the Marquis of Tavistock", "The Castle Howard Oxen" and "Prize Wethers at Gosfield Hall, 1837".

The Museum of English Rural Life has some paintings and prints by Henry Strafford in its collection.


Height 25.5 cm / 10 "
Width 45.8 cm / 18 "